Using Pio – a simple guide to postflop solving

When you have opened PioSolver, choose „Postflop Tree Building and Calculations“ tab above.

Then you start with the implementation of the ranges. In this example, a BB Range (OOP) defends versus a Button Range (IP).

You continue by selecting a board structure (e.g. Ah7h2h), and putting in the starting pot and effective stacksizes.

So in this expample, we are estimating e.g. a 10$/20$ Blind Szenario with no antes and a 45$ open. Effective Stacks are therefore  37,25bb.

After putting in the scenario, you give the solver all betting possibilites you want to study. Here we did choose 8 Betsizes, 1 Raisesize, and 2 Donk Sizes. Note that for OOP there is a difference between donk and bet on Turn and River.

After having set all your parameters, you can choose how accurate your solve should be. More accuracy leads to a longer solving time.

Now you are ready to solve, just do „Build Tree“ and then press „Go“.

When the solve is finished, you switch to the tab „Browser“ to do the research on the calculated results.

For example, the IP decision for the k4s combinations on the given boardstructure with the given ranges and effective stacksizes should be