Just some simple steps away from crushing


Poker has become a more and more complex game over the years, and has now reached a new state. To compete at higher stakes, raise the BB/100, or just being able to think about the game in a gametheoretical (i.e. truly logical and mathematical) way, one will need a preflop and postflop solving tool like PioSolver.

Even though the Solver itself is using vectorization and is optimal implemented, the personal ressources on a PC or Laptop are insufficient when it comes to more bet/donk/raise sizings on every street, since the decision trees are just too large for a single machine’s RAM.

Hence, the advice would be to use a server which can do the calculations with many sizes and faster, since he comes with way more RAM and more cores to compute on.

I will help you implement the software on your chosen server. Some more steps, and you will be able to get truly deep into the materia. I strongly recommend a server of my partner contabo.com, since the price-performance ratio is the best on the market.

Please click on the banner below to order a 10 core server of my partner. You can add up to 80 cores on top. If you arent able to see the banner, please click on the link below.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact me via Skype. My Skype ID is identical to my email adress, which you can find in the Impressum .